San Angeles Free Zone

Population: 23m.
Government Type: Democratic Corporate Free State under World Court jurisdiction, nominally part of the United States of America.

A ring city grouping of several 20th century southern California cities, among them Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Tijuana and San Diego, this megalopolis survived nuclear bombing during WW3 and recovered enough to grow into the bay all the way to Santa Catalina island. Megacorporations such as OTEC, Eagle and Militech built stack apartments and then more sophisticated arcologies in a semi-circle around the bombed core of the old city and helped the area to recover. Inter-ethnic bloodshed during the Plague Years and the separatist Republicano (Hispanic) movement that swept across the south-western United States in the 2030s lead to San Angeles being ethnically-cleansed in some sections, but the city’s new World Court-appointed Council has managed to reintegrate most of the ethnic enclaves that were set up in the 2040s. With two new megascrapers coming online under the guidance of the hyper-evolved AIs EXTROand Helios, San Angeles is booming and regaining the fame it held during the golden years of Hollywood™ (now owned by Sense/Net megacorporation).

50% Hispanic
20% Anglo
15% Chinese
5% Other Asian
5% Black
5% Other

City Council (# denotes representatives):
4 Republicanos (Republica del Norte) – Hispanic separatists.
2 Technocratic Party – techno-savvy Hispanic republicans.
4 Democratic Party – left-wing socialists.
1 Unionist Federation – seeking reunification with the USA.
1 Preservationists – Anglo green party.
4 Harmony Party – Chinese party, status quo.
1 Hizb-ut-Tahrir – Islamic sharia Party of Liberation.

World Court Sectors
Chinese – Northwest, Torrance/Inglewood/Thousand Oaks.
Hispanic – South, San Diego/Tijuana/Carlsbad/Oceanside.
Anglo/US – San Bernadino/Orange County/Santa Ana/Newport.
Corporate – Avalon, Santa Catalina Island complex.

Illegal Groups
MIRA – Movemiente de la Independencia Revolucione Armado.
Harab-ut-Amriki – American Islamic terrorist group.
The Errorists – netrunner troublemakers (Anonymous).
Reconserver Front – green eco-terrorists.
Tabula Rasa – nihilistic hacker collective, digital terrorist group.
Cryptnet – uncontrolled undernet of independent AIs.
Black Zero – nuclear terrorists.
Fedayin-al-Kuffar – Islamic counter-terrorist group, anti-Caliphate.
Bioliberty – digital liberation group, want Turing Control abolished and all AIs freed.

The city computer is a distributed Artificial Intelligence grade 2.5, whose responsibilities include: control of the high-speed expressways; parking assignment; co-ordination of police/fire/ medical services; Groundscan; repair crews; and Registry tracking.

Pacific Medical Union, Cedars-Sinai, White Memorial, Reagan Medical Center, Trauma Team Central, Hunan Psychotherapy Annex.
Federal Medical Court – controls the hygiene committees, genetics control boards and regulates biologicals of all kinds. Reports to the World Court Biocontrol division.

San Angeles Police Department
Wasp Security (Militech)
Haiana Security (Great China)

Intelligence Operators
SSP – Sección de la Seguridad Política, SAPD special counter-gang & counter-terrorism branch. Rumoured to be a political hit squad too.
FBI – Federal Bureau of Information, public-private info databank.
Guoanbu – Guojia Anquan Bu, Chinese foreign intelligence, Ministry of State Security.

Criminal Organizations
Laguna Ghost Cartel – Mexican crime family.
Triads – Xiaou Tsou galleries, Octagon Triad, Forked Tongs.
Russian Kombinat operates killing, kidnapping and smuggling rackets from the Slavic Union.
Panteras de Oro – booster gang under the Laguna cartel.
Gatos Gang – booster gang, stolen cyberware.
Naginata Sisters – crazy contraband augmentations.
Meat Boys – wetware viruses and bioweapons.

OTEC – Ocean Technology & Energy Corporation,mining.
Sense/Net – entertainment, hollywood, media, informatics.
Genesys – Red Blossom Gardens arcology, part of Reflex.
San Jing-DIKTAT – cosmetics, fashion, media, life sciences.
Militech – American military platforms, vehicles, engineering.
Eagle Corp. – US vehicles, aerospace, construction, oil.
Gravital – aerospace, orbital engineering, rocketry, mass transit.
Synthesia – food, organics, pharmas, chimerics, clonal parts.
Mikura Orbital Industries – high orbit exotic materials, chemicals.
Quizatl – Mexican construction, cement, military, computing.
Toshiba – synth generation, cyberbrains.
Megatech Body – industrial robotics, subcontractor to Militech.
SDPC – Space Development Public Corporation.
Lotus Design – aesthetics and device design.
Alvaron-Voss Dynamics – trading house, logistics.

The C&P – Constructors & Photonics Engineers Union, largest union in San Angeles, corrupt and tied to Chinese tongs.

Power Generation
OTEC, San Fieugo Fusion Station.
OTEC Morales Station – ocean floor thermal-exchange.
Nucleon Corp. Torrance Nuclear Fusion Station.
Eagle Corp. Palomar Satellite Station (redirected-energy receivers).

Subway covers 40% of the city, prone to flooding.
Catalina Causeway 5-110 maglev trains connect North & East.
Aerocar docking is common for the wealthy
Expressways: 405 (NS), 105 (EW), 110 (ENS), 5 (long), 805
215 to Riverside/San Bernadino, 10 to OC

San Angeles Free Zone

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