The following organizations are major players in San Angeles as of 2055 AD:

City Council – World Court-mandated democratic-corporate council based on corporate/ethnic representation.
OTEC – Ocean Technology Energy Corporation, one of the largest engineering megacorps in the Pacific Rim, built most of the arcologies in SanSan and provides most of the energy.
SSP – Sección de la Seguridad Política, special branch of the SA Police Department.
FBI – Federal Bureau of Information, US government-corporate partnership.
EXTRO – city control Monad, oracle and saint to some, transport coordinator to others.
Guoanbu – Guojia Anquan Bu, Chinese foreign intelligence, Ministry of State Security.
Militech – largest military megacorp, builds police meks, vehicles, cyborgs, military augments.
Ghost Cartels – Mexican criminal gangs involved in illegal simex, software and narcotics, often tightly intertwined with Hispanic separatists. San Angeles is mostly controlled by the Laguna Cartel.
Sense/Net – media & entertainment megacorporation.
The C&P – Constructors & Photonics Engineers Union, largest union in San Angeles, corrupt and tied to Chinese tongs.

These organizations are minor players in San Angeles:

Radial Helix – small investigative outfit, current employer of the PCs.
Panteras de Oro – the Golden Panthers are a Hispanic gang found throughout the southern-most and northern-most section of San Angeles. They deal in traditional low-level crime such as B&E, street drugs, extortion, car theft, cyberware rips and Better Than Life simex drugs. They are affiliated with the Laguna Ghost Cartel and are known by their crude, mechanical augmentations tattooed with phosphor neon colours.
The Meat Boys – Crude and rude booster gang in The Breakers, rip out augs, grow their own bioware, acromegalic deformities.
PSIA – Japanese Public Security Intelligence Agency, 2nd Intel Dept., Section 6 ISR and Section 4 SOF Rangers.
Forked Tongs – Chinese triad/tong gang, low-level street face for a larger China-based group.
Gatos – Hispanic booster gang that deals in stolen augments.
White Riders – Anglo speed racer gang that deals in narcotics.
Naginata Sisters – heavily-augmented and weaponized girl gang.
Tabula Rasa – nihilistic hacker collective and digital terrorist group.
Negatifland – anarchist anti-consumerist singularitists and digital information brokers.


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