San Tan

Nudist cyborg with a red suspenders fetish

Reflex 7/9 Intelligence 6 Hit Points 18 Armor 3
Body 5/9 Charisma 9 Net Points 12 Firewall 4
Technique 5/7 Cool 6 Actions 3

Combat: Athletics 3, Firearms 5, Martial Arts 4, Heavy Weapons 2.

Skills: Infiltration 6, Socialize 4 (Megacorporate, Mafia, Chinese, Cyberspace), Piloting 4, Science 2, Surveillance 5, Talking 4, Politics 3.

Specials: Lightning Reload, Black Market.

Augmentations: Muscle Graft, Ironspine, Spectraview, Depatternizer.

Hacking Modules: None.

Gear: Armalite 44 Heavy Pistol 4d6+1 dmg.


Sample NPC. Schooled in the arts of theft, prostitution and wetwork in the ruins of the Bohai ring-city in China, San Tan was named by a father who was disappeared by the Goanbu secret police in 2042. He used to wear red suspenders during his magic shows.

San Tan

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