Whiteknuckle speedfreak, [reluctant hacker]

Body 7 Intelligence 5 Hit Points 28 Armor 14
Charisma 4 Technique 6 Firewall 20 Initiative 10
Cool 7 Reflex 8 Stopping power 12 Move 24

Combat: Firearms (Pistols) 5 (6), Heavy Weapons 3.

Skills: Athletics 1, Driving 6, Hacking (Drones) 8 (9), Infiltration 3, Piloting 6, Socialize (Rigger) 1, Surveillance 2.

Specials: Licenced to Fly Military Drones. Flaw: Poor impulse control. +1d6 damage with Pistols

Augmentations: Vehicle plug (+ 1 Driving/Piloting), Redliner (+ 1 Driving/Piloting), AI Gunner (+ 1 Heavy Weapons), Hivemind (+ 1 drone action), Enhanced Articulation (1 REF), Adrenal Pump (1 BOD) Synaptic Accelerator (1 REF) Cyberlegs (1BOD, +1 Athletics, +d6 kick)

Hacking Modules: Panzer 1, Imago 1, Carto 2, Shield 1, Hydra 1, Recon 1, Glitch 1, Jammer 1, Trace 1, Fracter 1, Cryptohunter 1, Snakeweasel (Dossier) 2, Phantom 1, Bealch 1, PARADOX: Monkey’s Paw 1.

Gear: Loa Mask – Rooster – “RICHARD” +2 COOL, +2 Politics, +2 Piloting +1d6 dam w pistols

Genesis Eden Cyberdeck (6) – cyberspecs with Lowlight
Kenbishi bandages 2, Kevlar vest 10, Armor Jacket, Combat helmet 16
Jacobs Widowmaker Very Heavy Pistol with laser designator, 6 clips
Federated Arms X-9mm w Silencer 10 clips
Yamaha Blitz Taser – 20 charges
Mechanical .45 Revolver / 25 loose rounds
Kalashnikov AK-80
2 EMP Drone grenades, 2 HIEX Drone grenades
ZIP AND ZAP” 2 Mitsuhama Flyspy surveillance drones
"ROSHAMBO"Atlas Havoc Heavy Combat Drone with LMG 6 belts of ammo
“SHAGGIN’ WAGON” Knightstar Conquest Armored SUV with Drone bay,
Musabori Vector Cyberdeck – cyberspecs with lowlight, Mechanics tool kit, Kevlar vest, 2 Trauma patches 5, Aegis Film Suit with mask, Combat Knife, Jacket with Digital patches, Spiderline, False Identity cover.


Roam. (formerly Rooster, shhh, don’t tell anyone)

Whiteknuckle speedfreak, redline addict, technowizard greasemonkey, hot shot drone maestro, part-time time surfer, full-time bad ass.

Quick with a joke or off colour remark, he makes friends and enemies easily. Rooster has a bad habit of listening to the devil on his left shoulder, getting him into trouble. But he is known for getting the job done, on time, under budget and with the cargo intact, mostly.

Rooster spent some time cruising up and down the NorCal coastline, delivering items across state and national lines that his clients did not want traced, tampered with or taxed . He was not too particular with what he was trucking as he feels that it is the creation or use of such items that tarnishes karma. He was caught with his tailgate down and a vanload of blackmarket, morally ambiguous simex chips and a pocket full of hallucinogenic mushrooms. He had to cut loose his load and rig, actually flying away hanging onto the barrel of his drone gun by his fingertips, border guards in pissed-off hot pursuit.

Looking to reboot his luck, he drifted south, looking for action, some dependable comrades and to hopefully get tangled up in the famous rave scene of San Angeles. That Black Milk sounds delicious!



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