Police Tactical Mek

Skilled telerobotics crisis intervention


Designed for crisis intervention and rapid response, police tacticals (“los tácticas”) are more heavily armed, armored and augmented than regular meks. A police officer in conjunction with a limited-AI tele-operates the meks so that they are much more skilled and effective at tactics and weapons use than the regular skillsofts can allow. Police tacticals respond quickly to heavy weapons use in San Angeles apart from the slum areas such as The Breakers and are not allowed in megacorporate arcologies, where local security forces prevail.

Reflex 6 Intelligence 5 Hit Points 28 Armor 18
Body 8 Charisma 2 Reputation +1 Firewall 20
Technique 4 Cool 6 Actions 2

Combat: Firearms 6+3, Martial Arts 6+1 (Jeet kun do), Heavy Weapons 5.

Skills: Athletics 5+1, Tactics 5, Driving 5, Science 3, Surveillance 5+1, Medical 3.

Specials: Lightning Reload, Licensed.

Augmentations: Hyperoptics, Spectraview, ActiveArray, Cyberarms, Accelerator, Smartlink, Omnibreather, Battlenet, Targetter.

Firewall: Orange-20.

H&K MP9 PDW 2d6+1 / 35 rnds / C / +1WA.
Spectrashield medium armor AR 18
ECCM suite
AP, JHP, SC, AB, EP ammo packs.

Police Tactical Mek

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