Naginata Sisters

A gang of heavily altered razor girls


The Naginata Sisters are an all-girl gang of miscreants, body-mod fetishists and tek deviants. Once abused, they are now the abusers, and fitted with all kinds of unpleasant cybertech they can really dish out some pain. Members have modified at least 50% of their bodies with augmentations such as scythe arms, digitigrade legs, superlong hand claws, scorpion tails, vagina dentata and other unpleasantness.

The Naginata Sisters have connections to the black clinics in Chiba, to the Biotechnica megacorporation and to many headhunter gangs in the South Side. Their main source of income is dealing in illegal augmentations of various kinds, mostly catering to spoiled but rich corporate kids and jaded executives who want to live on the edge of transhumanity.

The Sisters are very loyal to each other, and betrayal is taken very poorly, though what constitutes betrayal may be vary from day to as the Sisters are not the most stable of minds. Most exhibit neuroses and disorders of various kinds, not least of which is body dysmorphia.


Naginata Sisters

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