Miguel Santos

Miguel Antonio Chavez Santos [handle: ΔmaX] - deceased


Miguel Antonio Chavez Santos [handle: ΔmaX]

Autistic netrunner who deals better with AIs and machines than with people

Reflex 3 Intelligence 5/7 Hit Points 12 Armor 1
Body 2 Charisma 2 Net Points 28 Firewall 12
Technique 6/7 Cool 4 Actions 2/3

Combat: Athletics 1.

Skills: Engineering 4, Hacking 6 (spec: Autonomics/Control Systems), Infiltration 3, Investigation 2, Socialize 1 (Cyberspace), Surveillance 3.

Special: Overmind.

Flaw: Autistic (Asperger’s Syndrome).

Augmentations: Memory Bank, Mindcore, Tool Fingers, Shielding.

Hacking Modules: Bleach, Carto, Injector, Medic, Recon.

Gear: Musabori Vector cyberdeck (wetware), engineer’s tools, knife, armoured jacket.

Miguel Santos

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