Mei Hua

The Flower of Death, Leader of the Forked Tongs


One of the most prominent leaders of the Forked Tong organization following the death of her husband, Hua considers herself not just a businesswoman but a defender of Chinese rights in San Angeles and a representative of those Chinese who were unjustly oppressed during the Plague Years. She is tone deaf in regards to any acts of oppression committed by her patrons in the Goanbu and considers any criticism of Great Mother China to be a mortal insult.

Under her leadership and in cooperation with various transport and trade unions, the Forked Tongs have expanded into the lucrative organ-smuggling and illegal bioware industries, much to the chagrin of the Mafia and the Republicanos.

Mei Hua has taken many lovers since her husband’s departure and has a number of vices, according to rumour.

Mei Hua

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