Leo Carson

Leader of the Los Jinetes Blancos


Once a promising engineering student at UCSD, Leo became disillusioned with the splintered tribal society he encountered at university and the corruption he had to wallow in to secure his spot, and turned to petty crime and biker rebellion. A group of like-minded Anglos and loyalist Hispanics coalesced around his naturally-charismatic presence and formed the White Riders (known as the Los Jinetes Blancos in the media) to counter what they felt was the domination of separatist Republicanos in the streets of San Angeles.

The Blancos are a petty crime gang that claims to defend the interests of Anglos and deals mostly in high-end narcotics and digital theft . It operates mainly in white neighbourhoods in the east, and has cordial relations with the Mafia, the Forked Tongs and the Russian Kombinat who often use them as messengers and couriers. Their hated enemies are the Panteras de Oro gang, the Gatos, MIRA terrorists and Republicano politicians.

Leo is a golden-haired, baby-faced bike rider with a smooth, laid-back attitude intentionally patterned on James Dean and other greaser heroes of his from old 1950s movies, but he’s not averse to the occasional ultra-violence to make a point. He loves speed and has a custom rigger implant designed to extend his perception of time during high-speed “flow state” situations.

Reflex 6/8 Intelligence 5 Hit Points 22 Armor 4
Body 5 Charisma 7 Reputation +3 Firewall 12
Technique 3/4 Cool 5/6 Actions 2

Combat: Firearms 4 (Pistols 5), Martial Arts 4 (Wrestling 5), Heavy Weapons 2.

Skills: Driving 9, Athletics 3, Socialize 4 (Anglo, Street, Mafia, Chinese), Piloting 5, Surveillance 4, Talking 6, Politics 3 (Gangs 4), Tactics 3, Infiltration 3.

Specials: Media Darling, Reputation+3: Defender.

Augmentations: Vehicle Plug, Redliner, ToolFingers, Accelerator, Articulation, Smartlink, StressPoint, Bodysculpt, Flow State Governor.

Hacking Modules: none.

Gear: Black-and-cherry American Dynamics OPIUM street racing car with vehicle rig and adaptive polymorphics (Handling +1 , Acceleration +1, Speed +1)

Leo Carson

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