Hideki 'The Squid' Otomo


Reflex 6 Intelligence 3 Hit Points 16 Armor 4
Body 4 Charisma 7 Reputation 0 Firewall 8
Technique 4 Cool 4 Actions 2

Combat: Firearms 4, Martial Arts 6*(Katana)

Skills: Infiltration 4, Socialize 2 (Cyberspace, Street)*(Celebrity), Athletics 4, Talking 6, Hacking 2

Specials: Reputation

Augmentations: Chromastyle, Gecko

Hacking Modules: Imago, Jammer.

Gear: Monoknife, Monokatana, Leather Jacket, SMG: H&K MP13 (70 Rounds), Pistol: Shang Upholder 10mm (42 Rounds), CS-101 Raven Stealthsuit, Camera Nanodrones, Trideo Projector, Cyberdeck: Zheng Shao Jin-88, Goggles, Skateboard, Unbreakable Comb, Backpack, Hi-Top Sneakers, Energy Drink (4), Vintage Ghetto Blaster (Mix Tape: ‘Cyberpunk Ain’t Dead’), Mint Tin with Stims Inside, Pack of Glow-in-the-Dark Band-Aids, Various Plastic Neon Accessories, Cash: $1400


Hideki ‘The Squid’ Otomo may be the biological son of Japanese immigrants, but he is the spiritual child of the media; by the age of 10 he had his own vid series with a subscriber base of over 16 million, by the age of 12 he had emancipated himself from his parents, and by age 14 he had killed his first man.

Now, at the tender age of 15 years old, Hideki dreams of being the centre of a total media empire, the face of his generation beaming into the retinas of every human being on the planet. Hideki has no concept of privacy or shame, sharing every detail of his life with his fans – for him, the line between fantasy and reality is more abstract than literal.

There is no morality, only viewership ratings and likes or dislikes.

The mercenary world of megacorporate espionage, gang warfare, and other sensational action-packed living is just fuel for growing his personal brand and filmography. At best, it’s gonzo journalism, and at worst it’s narcissistic murder porn; either way, it’s entertainment!

Hideki 'The Squid' Otomo

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