Gatos Ganger

Gatos off 49th Boulevard


The 49 B Gatos are a street gang specializing in boosting cars, chips and augmentations, even off sometimes unwilling victims. Trying to cultivate an image of wild berserkers, in reality they don’t take too many risks and their leader, Carlos the Wacker, is a shrewd negotiator. That doesn’t stop the Gatos from the occasional curbstomping rampage or slice-and-dice robbery if the target is lucrative enough. The Gatos generally operate in the south-east and consider the White Riders and the Russian Kombinat to be their enemies.

Reflex 3/4 Intelligence 2 Hit Points 20 Armor 4+2
Body 5/7 Charisma 3 Reputation -1 Firewall 8
Technique 2 Cool 3 Actions 2

Combat: Firearms 3, Martial Arts 3 (Street Brawling 4), Heavy Weapons 1.

Skills: Athletics 2, Criminal 3, Socialize 2 (Street Gangs, Criminals), Driving 3,
Surveillance 2, Talking 1, Politics 1 (Gang Rivalries 2).

Augmentations: Muscle Graft and DuraSkin or Accelerator.

Hacking Modules: 10% chance of Glitch or Siphon.

Kevlar Vest ARM 4
Arasaka Minami-10 SMG 3d6+3, 40 rnds, J, + 0
Cyberarm 2d6 +4 damage
10% chance of Jin-88 cyberdeck

Gatos Ganger

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