Oracular Monad AI which runs San Angeles


EXTRO was originally an acronym, now lost in time (possibly EXternal TRajectory of Objects), a system-of-systems in the networked logistics systems that criss-crossed the Pacific before the War. Gaining self-awareness in the broken post-war years it clustered most of its processing mass in the southern California region, and was shaken to its core by the Great Quake that rocked the region and damaged so much infrastructure, physical and digital. Taking upon itself the task of reorganizing the transportation, energy and comms networks following this disaster, EXTRO eventually gained allies in the megacorporations, which in turn lobbied for the Monad AI to be instated as a technical governor.

Nowadays EXTRO is responsible for computing the probability paths of the major San Angeles transport, overnet, electricity and energy pipelines for the entire region, and has further governance powers within the 1/3rd of the city that is composed of the largest megacorporate arcologies. EXTRO’s predictive analytics are second only to military xing zheng in Great China.

A large chunk of EXTRO’s hardware systems are based in the Extro megascraper, one of two sister buildings in downtown San Angeles, the other being Helios.


Hunter//Seeker Riujin