Enrique "Rico" Stryker

Reflex 6 Intelligence 5 Hit Points 22 Armor 2/16
Body 6 Charisma 4 Reputation +0 Firewall 6
Technique 6 Cool 5 Actions 2

Combat: Athletics 3, Firearms 3, Martial Arts 5

Skills: Infiltration 3, Investigation 3, Medical 2, Socialize 2 (Hispanic, Military) Surveillance 3, Tactics 2

Specials: None.

Augmentations: Hyper Optics, Smart Link

Flaws: Callous

Hacking Modules: None.

Gear: Starting Money: $2500, Armor Jacket, Armalite 44, Combat Knife, Trauma Patch


Joined the US military out of high school but was dishonorably discharged for poor conduct and insubordination. Joined MIRA to fight both for it’s causes and to get back at the government that had cast him out.

After the revolution failed Rico’s been honing his skill-set as high-end private security, personnel extraction and even as an armed body guard. Has been doing a stint for the wall-climbing gym while in between larger jobs.

Enrique "Rico" Stryker

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