Charles (Chuck) LaFleur

Reflex 3 Intelligence 4/5 Hit Points 18 Armor 2
Body 3 Charisma 5/6 Reputation +1 Firewall 0
Technique 3 Cool 5/6 Actions 2

Combat: Firearms 2.

Skills:Athletics 1, Infiltration 4*(evidence cleaning), Socialize 4 (Megacorporate, Government, Police, Gangs), Business 2, Investigation 6, Surveillance 5 Talking 3, Politics 3* (Blackmail).

Specials: Good Listener.Snipe. Loa (Louis)

Augmentations: Lab Touch, Memory bank, Olfactory Booster, Stress Points, Synthormones, Depatternizer, Shielding, Gecko, Electrocloak

Hacking Modules: None.

Gear: Heavy auto pistol Sternmeyer Type 35 3d6, Remote sensors, Security Scanner, Jamming transmitter, Tracer buttons. Armour Clothes (2). Armour Jacket (10)


Born in Vietnam to French parents, the youngest of 5 children, he was sold to China sea pirates and as a result is a bit of a paradox he prizes Honesty and likes most everyone but cares for no-one. This was further entrenched with bad relationships with a former lover and a business partner both of whom cheated on him.

Charles (Chuck) LaFleur

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