The Neon Purgatory of San Angeles Awaits

Hunter//Seeker is a cyberpunk game based on the skeleton of Cyberpunk 2020 but with many mods to both the rules and the setting. Drawing on various cyberpunk sources, from Stand on Zanzibar to Vacuum Flowers to Shadowrun, it’s more a syncretic cocktail of cyberpunk tropes than a classic CP2020 campaign. Hacking has been completely revised and the system has been greatly streamlined, especially in the skills section. The game is set in 2055 in the San Angeles Free Zone, a mega-conurbation ring-city in southern California that’s been divided among competing ethnic and political groups. The characters were investigators working for the mysterious Radial Helix company, which turned out to be a front for a branch of Militech experimenting with military psycho-reconstructive implants. Everyone’s been fired with extreme prejudice and after a brief stint the in the anarchic Negativland underground, the team has struck a blow against the Laguna Ghost Cartel and their pet mercs, The Tyrants.

Date: Feb 28, 2055.

Geotag: Sureno city zone, San Angeles Free Zone, North America.

Mission: SUCCESS! Retrieved an important SAPD quantum tetrad out of the cartel’s Vali-Asr safehouse.

Group Status: Stormed the Vali-Asr bunker, took out most of The Tyrants mercenary team, captured Mark Smith, and managed to get the quantum tetrad safely away. Negotiating with the highest bidder now.

Rules Manual: Version 4.3. New corporation rules added.

Character Sheet: Version 1.3

Chris Mr. Sega Genesis Retriever Hispanic 30 KIA
Collin Charles (Chuck) LaFleur Face Anglo 51 Entranced, Retiring
Darren Rooster Rigger Anglo 40 Peachy keen
James Simon Tang Mercenary Chinese 51 OK
Wes Shoji Hacker-Ninja Japanese 30 Fine, evolving a program
Chris Atari Gargoyle Polynesian 40-50 On vacation.
Wes Miguel “MACS Netrunner Hispanic 30 Dead
Mat Florence Control Hispanic 45 Dead

Background Music: