Helios is one of two titanic megascrapers that dominate the eastern downtown of San Angeles, each stretching over a mile into the edge of space. These megascrapers are towns in their own right, housing 60,000 people and including parks, special vertical subways, farms and endless office facilities.

The monads Helios and EXTRO control all systems in the buildings except for security, which was deemed too sensitive and has manual human controls.

These gargantuan megascrapers are so large that they have moving outer shells that vent the powerful crosswinds that hit them during storms, and special conductors to absorb the lightning that plays across their surfaces from ionized particles at the highest elevations.

The topmost floors are often concealed by clouds, and sometimes even reach above the cloud cover, presenting white vistas of purity to the rich executives and celebrities who inhabit these suites.


Hunter//Seeker Riujin